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NU COOL 2007

1.Don’t Stop The Music [Radio Edit] 5:06 Bugz In The Attic
2.Oh My Gosh (Bugz In The Attic Remix) 5:49 Basement Jaxx
3.Why You 3:34 The Loose Cannons
4.Warrior 4:38 Andy Caldwell
5.Ridin’ 3:28 Amp Fiddler
6.You Used To Hold Me So Tight 6:23 Reel People Feat. Angela Johnson
7.Guaguanco (Ashley Beedle’s Heavy Disco Remix) 6:07 Mighty Dub Katz
8.I Got You [Candy Apple’s Broken Beats] 6:09 Soulstars Feat. Richard Anthony Davis
9.The Balloon Room 7:41 Ashley Beedle Presents The London Heavy Disco Revue
10.Funk On You [Original] 6:13 DJ T.
11.Samurai 7:58 Jazztronik
12.Discopolis (A Hundred Birds Remix) 8:06 Lifelike & Kris Menace
13.Electric Blue 4:45 Cicada
14.Heartbeats 2:40 José González
15.Breathe In 4:35 Frou Frou
16.Love Won’t Leave Me Alone 7:21 Kenneth Bager Feat. Jean Luc Ponty & Nikolaj Grandjean
17.Bluebird 3:47 One Self
18.Light My Fire (Kenny Dope Remix) 5:02 Shirley Bassey And Kenny Dope
19.He Makes Me Say 3:24 Syleena Johnson
20.On The Slide 5:01 The Turboman Feat. Becci
21.Can’t Get Down (Ron Basejam Mix) 5:07 Crazy P
22.Beginning People 5:13 Stockholm Cyclo
23.Into The Lite 5:43 Office Gossip
24.Cruel Youth 5:39 Pepe Deluxé
25.Keep On Running (Sterac Electronics Remix) 5:59 Sweet Coffee
26.Voodoo 3:39 Chungking


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